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that and law enforcement reaction is clearly that they believe this is the suspect. are you still with us? >> i am. >> any activity? we saw the smoke and now there are no signs of what that might have been. >> no signs at all. we took a quick look at where officers are and they are on that road and they are -- we're going to come right here. they are pointing their guns in a northerly direction. seven oaks road is pointing east and west and they are pointing their guns into a northerly direction. the suspect, they believe to be dorner is one of the cabins or in the high ground. if the suspect has high ground on these officers these officers need all the cover they can get. it is possible he is in these hills and a they are going to need protection. >> you're listening to kabc where there has been activity over the last hour and a half in search for the lapd officer who has been on the run. we understand that he is involved in a shooting of two other police officers. they are in this big bear area just east of los angeles. we understand that people may have b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1